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Fire Side Games

Fire Side Games
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Bloodsuckers Bloodsuckers
The once quiet small town of Blackwood has become a battleground. A coven of vampires has crept in under the cover of da…
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Castle Panic Castle Panic
The forest is filled with all sorts of Monsters. They watched and waited as you built your Castle and trained your soldi…
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Castle Panic: Engines of War Castle Panic: Engines of War
Castle Panic: Engines of War introduces an engineer who uses new resource cards to build catapults, ballistas, barricade…
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Castle Panic: The Dark Titan Castle Panic: The Dark Titan
The story of the castle is enhanced by the addition of the Dark Titan himself: Agranok. An unparalleled threat, Agranok …
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Castle Panic: The Wizard's Tower Castle Panic: The Wizard's Tower
The Wizard's Tower is an expansion to the board game Castle Panic. It is not a stand-alone game and requires Castle …
Dead Panic Dead Panic
The zombie apocalypse has begun, and you and your friends take on the roles of various characters who are all working to…
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Munchkin Panic Munchkin Panic
Munchkin Panic is a semi-cooperative board game that blends the all-for-one gameplay of Castle Panic and the all-for-me …
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