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Dungeon Saga: The Black Fortress Tile Pack
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Dungeon Saga: The Black Fortress Tile Pack

Product Information

 The raid itself had been swift and entirely unexpected. Nobody had seen much from the local Orcs for many years, and to suddenly find them so brazen, so strong. For years the hills had been a haven for a small number of Orcs; everyone knew that. Even so, there had never been more than a handful of them and they lacked any kind of organisation. How did they mount such a carefully planned attack and why?

This exciting expansion for Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's Quest includes a huge quantity of extra tiles to expand your game or create your own adventure and a brand new six-mission narrative campaign for the four original heroes from Dungeon Saga.

Price: $54.99 $39.99

Product Code: ManticMGDS26
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