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Kings of War - Undead Mega Army 2017
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Kings of War - Undead Mega Army 2017

Product Information

Even the bravest of men will blanch in terror at the sight of an Undead horde. Legions of foulness advance in horrifying silence, destroying all that they see before them without mercy or restraint. And then, the greatest horror of all, the recently dead rise up on the invisible strings of their necromantic masters to turn on those they called friends and comrades.


This set contains a massive army for Kings of War, including:

40 Hard Plastic Skeleton Warriors/Spearmen with Command

40 Hard Plastic Zombies

20 Hard Plastic Revenants with Command

10 Plastic Mummies

6 Plastic Werewolves

1 Metal Lykanis

Plastic and MDF Square Bases

Mantic Points

Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue.

Price: $164.99 $129.99

Product Code: ManticMGKWU111
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