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Promethium Refinery
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Promethium Refinery

Product Information

Assemble a Promethium Refinery – an awesome and atmospheric piece of scenery for use in games of Warhammer 40,000 – with this set of components. It includes: 

- A central silo, which can be modelled open or closed;

- 2 sets of platforms, including lots of ladders, guard rails and pulleys, for constructing multi-level pieces;

- 2 sets of walkways, which too include pulleys and guard rails for adding detail;

- A set of supporting structures used to hold the whole set in place;

- A set of 2 frames making up an Alchomite Stack, featuring a central dome and several chimneys. 

These components can of course be assembled in any way you see fit, being completely modular in nature – perfect for games of Necromunda: Gang War!

Price: $190.00 $161.50

Product Code: GW6468
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