Last Heroes

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A dimensional gate has just open and many monsters are surging over our world. You have been called to kill them and steal the gate keys from the monster bosses.

Use your weapons cleverly and help your fellow hunters by providing them ammunitions. But at the end, only one hunter will build up his name and get glory.

The mechanics are clever and tensed. On your turn, you choose one of the Weapon cards from your hand and play it

- From your supply area (its ammunitions are then available to your opponents)

- From your attack area (using the ammunitions available in your or the other players’ supply area).

Then you can attack one monster provided that you have the required Weapons. When you kill a boss (third row), the player who has made a dent in the second row gets a key. If you directly kill a boss (without making a dent first), you need more weapons, but you get the key yourself.


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