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Venture to the dangerous north in this tile-exploration sequel to Scythe.  

The long-awaited sequel to Scythe sends players on a new adventure into Siberia, where a massive meteorite crashed near the Tunguska River, awakening ancient corruption. An expedition led by Dr. Tarkovsky ventures into the taiga to learn about the meteorite and its impact on the land. Itching for adventure, heroes from the war privately fund their own expeditions to Siberia, hoping to find artifacts, overcome challenges, and ultimately achieve glory.

Expeditions is a competitive, card-driven, engine-building game of exploration. Play cards to gain power, guile, and unique worker abilities; move your mech to mysterious locations and gain cards found among the tiles; use workers, items, meteorites, and quests to enhance your mech; and use power and guile to vanquish corruption.

Expeditions includes 5 massive mech miniatures and mech mats, 20 location tiles, over 100 uniquely illustrated cards, 50 worker meeples, a bag filled with 36 silkscreen printed corruption tiles, a robust Automa solo mode, and much more.

1-5 Players  |  60-90 Mins  |  Ages 14+

Features: Action Retrieval, Deck Bag, and Pool Building, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Melding and Splaying, Modular Board, Multi-Use Cards, Solo / Solitaire Game, Variable Player Powers, Variable Set-up, Victory Points as a Resource, Worker Placement, Worker Placement, Different Worker Types

Theme: Exploration


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