Age of Sigmar Paints & Tools Set 80-17-60

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Containing everything you need to get your miniatures clipped from their sprues, cleaned up and painted, this is the perfect set for those new to Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It includes clippers, a mouldline remover, ideal paints for miniatures of both factions and a starter brush:

Our clippers have been specifically designed to clip plastic component parts from the frame. This precision tool can access even the most awkward parts of the plastic frame, making the clipping process quick and easy.

The mouldline remover tool is used to remove mouldlines from Citadel plastic miniatures. Just draw the tool along the mouldlines to easily scrape them away and prepare your miniatures for undercoating.

Along with these tools, the set includes a starter brush and 13 12ml pots of Citadel paint:

Retributor Armour

Abaddon Black

Armageddon Dust

Kantor Blue

Reikland Fleshshade

White Scar


Mournfang Brown

Celestra Grey

Khorne Red

Nighthaunt Gloom

Rakarth Flesh

Bugman’s Glow

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