Android: Netrunner Double Time

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âDonât try to anticipate every move. Just anticipate the moves that matter.âÂâReina Roja Double Time is the sixth and final Data Pack in the "Spin Cycle" for Android: Netrunner, and it introduces a handful of powerful Double events and operations. Doubles all require their owner to spend a click to play them, in addition to their normal costs, meaning theyâre high-risk gambles in a game thatâs as full of bluffs, counter-bluffs, risks, and gambles as Android: Netrunner. Still, if you play them right, these Doubles can offer tremendous rewards. In Double Time, youâll find a significant focus on these events. Twenty-one of them are mixed into the Data Packâs sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards), along with new hardware, programs, ice, upgrades, and more. Will you sacrifice versatility for raw power? Itâs time to Double down!

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