Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Ire of the Void

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Science cannot explain the vanishing physicist. Nor are Norman Withers’ fellow astronomers willing to accept his report of vanishing stars. But what if the theory of general relativity is incomplete? What if there are forces other than gravity that can create distortions in space and time? Over the course of 96 pages, Ire of the Void and Norman Withers pursue these questions wherever they may lead—even into the darkest parts of Arkham and encounters with strange and terrifying creatures. Written by fantasy and horror author Richard Lee Byers, this hardbound novella also contains a full-color insert with 15 pages of notes, newspaper clippings, and text excerpts that shed additional light onto the story’s strange events.

Ire of the Void also comes with five new cards for the cooperative Living Card Game® Arkham Horror: The Card Game, exclusive to this product. These include alternate art investigator and mini cards for Norman Withers, along with two Norman Withers signature cards. These signature cards can replace the standard Withers signature cards and afford players an alternate way to bring Withers into any investigation.


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