Battlezones: Sci-Fi Defence Lines

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Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery Piece Count: 70 pcs  As mankind presses outwards into the galaxy, there is an ever-present threat from aliens, rebels and warring factions. Prefabricated defence lines are quick to raise, whether at ground level or atop a building, and offer durable protection from enemy fire. With the addition of a communications array or point-defence cannon, a string of defence lines can become a solid redoubt.  This set contains two Defence Line Sprues and a connector sprue, allowing you to build a single 29.5â Defence Line or several smaller ones. It also contains a laser cannon and comms antenna. This wargames scenery set is compatible with all others in Manticâs Battlezones Tile System range. This set contains: 1 x Defence Line Sprue A 1 x Defence Line Sprue B 1 x Connector Sprue Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.Â

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