Battlezones: Sci-Fi Fortified Sector

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Product Type: Modular Hard Plastic Scenery Piece Count: 360 pcs Certain objectives need to be held no matter the cost. Central command stations, main drop zones, even important landmarks that would strike a blow against morale if lost. These vital locations will usually be fortified, but if the enemy is expected to make a serious assault full fortified emplacements will be set up. These networks of bunkers and strongholds will take a concerted effort to breach, and even if the enemy does get through they will have paid a heavy price. Â This set contains twenty terrain sprues plus 3 connector sprues, allowing you to build several heavily fortified bunkers (or a single massive stronghold) for use in any 28mm wargame. This wargames scenery can be assembled in a variety of different ways, and combined with other sets from Manticâs Battlezones Tile System range for even more options. This set contains: 2 x Urban Sprue A 1 x Urban Sprue B 1 x Urban Sprue C 6 x Fortifications Sprue A 6 x Fortifications Sprue B 2 x Defence Line Sprue A 2 x Defence Line Sprue B 3 x Connector Sprue Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.Â

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