Berserk Knights and Villains ON SALE

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Heroes and villains of Russian fables clash in a battle of cunning, wits and military might in the first expansion to the international best-seller Berserk: War of the Realms. Heroes of Russian folk lore have gathered to do battle against the most vile monsters of the land. Pit the noble Alesha Popovich against the hideous Baba Yaga, or attack the swamp-beast Vodyanoy with the fierce warrior Varangian. It's good versus evil in this exciting war of strategy and strength! Berserk: Knights and Villains is the first expansion for War of the Realms. It adds two decks so that players can engage each other right out of the box, or combine them with the base game for even more varied battles. Lush art and a full, deep background. Tactical card game full of strategy and smart card play. Stand-alone expansion; add it to Berserk: War of the Realms or enjoy it right out of the box.


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