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Each year the International Bridge Racing Association selects a city with lots of bridges to host its annual Bridgetown Race. This year they have chosen Portland Oregon USA. Players using bicycles motorcycles taxis buses automobiles the street car and sometimes their own two feet try to cross each bridge and capture its flag. Be the first to capture a flag from every bridge and you win the race! Each round players arrange for transportation by placing coordinators on the transportation mode or special action of their choice. Next the player chooses a transportation mode and moves their racer through the streets trying to be the first to cross a bridge and pick up its flag. The flag is placed on the player?s Bridge Completion card and the first person to collect all 8 flags wins the race. If this cannot be achieved by the end of the 5th round then the player who has collected the most diverse colors of flags wins the game. Bridgetown Races is playable for ages 8 and up but the rules are written for adults. Age range: 13 and up / Number of players: 2 to 4 / Play time: 45 to 60 minutes 


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