Cactus Town The Lone Ranger Expansion

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An expansion to Cactus Town introducing the solo mode & 5th player mode. It also introduces a new asymmetric party to Cactus Town: The Lone Ranger.

Commissioned by the Federal Marshal, his objective is to keep everyone in check until the Marshal’s task force arrives, not trusting anyone but himself. A new game mechanic based on round events will put a time-limit on your games, ending the game when the event deck is depleted and the Marshal arrives.

In the solo mode, you will take on the role of the Outlaws and experience a race against the clock to get your job of plundering done before the Marshal shows up… all the while the Lone Ranger will tamper with your plans, being your automata opponent.

In a 2-5-player game, you can take on the role of the Lone Ranger yourself, trying to prevent anyone else from fulfilling their objectives and manipulating events to win time and speed up the arrival of the Marshal. Note that the Lone Ranger is a necessary faction for any 5p games, since he puts a natural time limit on the game.


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