Cold Case: A Story to Die For - Andy Bailey

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Cold Case: A Story to Die For™

In 1988, Andy Bailey, a 23-year-old investigative reporter, was found shot to death in the small town of Camdale, England. Despite their best efforts, the police never found his murderer. In Cold Case: A Story to Die For™, YOU investigate the cold case of Andy Bailey and attempt to solve the crime.

In the Cold Case™ series, you have been summoned to investigate the unsolved cases of victims murdered decades ago, piecing together the details that the police could never find. Inside the box, you will find realistic materials pertaining to the crime, and a complex story containing everything you need to crack the case. Follow the clues and submit your answers online to finally bring the killers to justice.

Type: Logic Games New Games

Skill: Logic and Problem Solving Visual Perception and Reasoning

Age: 14 and Up

Players: 1 to 4 players


Newspaper Clippings


Witness Statements

Suspect Interviews


Crime Scene Reports

And More Evidence!



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