Color Choo Choo

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Passengers with tickets for different stations are packed close together on the four train platforms. They want to go to the zoo, outdoor pool, playground, or ice cream parlor in the park. Ready? All aboard, please!

As an engineer in Tschu-tschu, kleine Eisenbahn, you want to pick up as many passengers, in your matching color, as possible. Be careful because the track positions are constantly changing. You need some luck in order to keep to the timetable. The player who, in the end, gets the most passengers to their station wins.

In more detail, on a turn roll the switch die, change the position of the switch shown on the die, then with a cheerful "Choo-Choo", travel with the train to the platform that you can reach after repositioning the switch. Stick the passenger ticket into the slot on the train, then move with it to the station of your color.


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