Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front Solo Expansion

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After more than three years of development, Conflict of Heroes: Eastern Front - Solo Expansion revolutionizes solo tactical play. Instead of AI units being individually programmed as in past games, AI units utilize a unique emergent behavior and agent-based logic. Each situation is evaluated and the AI implements the best course of action using available resources and unit assets. Even veteran CoH players will be challenged to hone and adapt their playing styles in order to overcome the AI! In the Conflict of Heroes Solo System, players no longer track APs, but must make a Unit Spent Check after every action. The higher the cost in APs an action was, the higher the probability that the unit will be spent. Now a player must decide if he will augment his action with APs or increase his chance of keeping the unit fresh! Each Firefight has its own Mission Track. A Mission Track is a series of events that are triggered if the Mission Marker lands on an event's space. Certain orders advance the Mission Marker 1, 2 or 3 spaces, so the game is different each time you play. The firefight ends immediately when the Mission Marker lands on or passes the last space of the Mission Track. Note: The base game 2-player scenarios are NOT playable with solitaire rules "out of the box"; solitaire scenarios need additional elements (mission track etc). So additional homebrew tinkering is needed to adapt an existing 2-player scenario for use with the solitaire system. But the solitaire expansion comes with many (new) scenarios, and the Firefight Generator expansion permits creating solitaire scenarios.

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