Conflict of Heroes Marsh Expansion 1

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The initial German invasion of Russia was successful beyond expectation. But it quickly became apparent that the mighty Wehrmacht would face more than determined Soviet forces. The terrain itself would hamper and harass the invaders, just as it had every other would-be conqueror for centuries. In many areas, the invasion literally bogged down in the marshes and swamps of the steppe. With The Swamp you can recreate the harsh water-soaked terrain that bedeviled the German invaders in your Conflict of Heroes games. This is the first expansion for the wildly-successful game. The Swamp includes Map Board #6: the same deluxe quality, heavy-stock mounted geomorphic style as the original game, but featuring a massive boggy swamp! Also included are two new scenarios that focus on the unique challenges of this troublesome terrain. The Swamp includes 1 19" x 15" mounted geomorphic map board and 2 full-color scenarios. The Swamp is an expansion for Conflict of Heroes.

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