Conflict of Heroes Wrecks and Destruction on the Eastern Front

Sold out

Wrecks and Destruction on the Eastern Front is an expansion counter set includes optional rules and counters for Wrecks, Artillery, Rubble and Fire. You can use these optional rules and counters with any published Conflict of Heroes firefight. Wrecks: Included are Soviet and German wreck counters that modify Line of Sight through the hex and defense modifiers in the hex. See the tide of battle as wrecks begin to litter the country side. Off-Board Artillery: Rules and targeting counters for drifting artillery strikes. Damn that friendly fire! Rubble: Buildings can be destroyed, changing LOS and defense. So you think that building was safe to hide in? Hmmm...lets demolish it and THEN set it on fire. Fire: Oooohh...burn them suckers out. For those that just don't want to surrender.Â

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