Cricket The Game

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Cricket: The Game is a 2-4 player tabletop game, based on the sport of cricket. The game consists of a game board, playing cards, tokens, and dice.

Each team plays an Innings, both Bowling and Batting. The sequence of play is based on deliveries in an over which commence with the Bowler secretly selecting their bowl to deliver. The batter then marks on the field their attempted stroke, before the bowler reveals the bowl type. A rolling advantage is set based on various outcomes in gameplay, that may favour the batter or bowler. Next an Over Deck card is revealed that can affect the batter or bowler with different advantages or disadvantages.

Both teams then roll dice to determine the strength of the delivery and stroke, which may result in a strike, miss, or block. If struck, the ball enters the field where the batter rolls additional dice to determine the distance and bounce of the ball. As per the sport, the winning team either finishes with the most runs, or bowls the other team out.



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