Crusaders of the Machine God: Cult Mechanicus Painting Guide

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Mysterious and inscrutable, the Tech-Priests Dominus of the Cult Mechanicus are masters of Mankindâs millennia of accrued technology. Clad in ragged, flowing robes they scuttle across the ground, their articulated bionic limbs clicking and whirring, augmented eyes always seeking out new and hidden knowledge from the universe. At their side war automata rumble into battle â heavily armoured Kataphron servitors carrying devastating energy cannons and towering Kastelan Robots tended to by cable-wreathed Datasmiths. Those who challenge the will of the Tech-Priests soon learn the error of their ways, as the might of the Omnissiah is unleashed upon them. Crusaders of the Machine God: Cult Mechanicus Painting Guide is a detailed painting guide for the Cult Mechanicus. This book presents three distinct collections of the Cult Mechanicus, each one showcasing a variety of fantastic models from the Cult Mechanicus Citadel Miniatures range. Inside you will find new background and comprehensive painting tutorials for each of the collections, with top tips and instructive step-by-step photos allowing you to create a striking army of the Machine God.

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