D&D Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Case Terrain

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D&D Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Case Terrain

A premium tactical terrain set for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.  

This terrain campaign case contains everything a Dungeon Master needs to construct encounters for your wilderness, dungeon, and city adventures, including a set of double-sided adventure tiles and a collection of illustrated adventure clings to customize your maps. This kit is also the perfect companion to Campaign Case: Creatures. Use these Campaign Cases together to create a premium experience for all your adventures.


30 double-sided interlocking 5"×5" terrain tiles ready for your dungeon, city, and wilderness adventures
5 sheets of reusable Adventure Clings with an assortment of wilderness, dungeon and interior features to customize your terrain surfaces, including campsites, rubble, and tombs
1 double-sided Adventure Grid with Wilderness terrain on one side and Dungeon on the other, measuring 22""×25.5" when laid flatready to use in combination with the terrain tiles or on its own
1 storage folder for your reusable Adventure Clings
1 sturdy storage case with a magnetic closure and rope handle designed to take your adventure on the road


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