Deadzone 2nd Edition Marauder Faction Booster Asterian Faction Booster

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ÂThe specialists of the Asterians are even more deadly than the standard Clade operatives. Working together, there is no obstacle these warriors cannot overcome. DESCRIPTION This set contains enough components to build 18 bespoke premium plastic and metal multi-part models, including: 5 Metal Kalyshi 2 Plastic Sky Razors 2 Plastic Weapons Drones Shield Generator, Plasma Vortex and Fission Beamer Weapon Options 2 Plastic Cyphers with Force Rifles 1 Plastic Cypher with Charge Gloves 1 Plastic Cypher with Fission Beamer 2 Plastic Cypher with Missile Launchers 2 Plastic Cypher Primes 1 Plastic Black Talon 25mm Plastic Round Bases Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium plastic and metal models require super glue

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