Deadzone 2nd Edition Contagion Nexus Psi Expansion

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On the newly settled planet of Nexus Psi the Plague has taken hold, twisting the colonists into horrifying monstrosities. The Councilâs Enforcer strike teams must cleanse the planet before the Plague escapes to spread its contagion across the galaxy. Number of Miniatures: 11 Product Type: Expansion Set This exciting expansion features two new campaigns for Deadzone. One introduces solo-play - 'Artificial Stupidity' for a series of games against the Zombie hordes. The second campaign focuses around Nexus Psi and the hunt for the origins of the Plague outbreak. In addition, there are also two new Elite Army lists, introducing new leaders for the Plague and Enforcers - the mutated Dr. Gayle Simmonds and Enforcer Recon Pathfinder N32-19. This set contains: 1x Dr. Simmonds Exclusive metal model 10x Plague Zombies Nexus Psi Source Book 2x Urban Scenery A 1x Urban Scenery Accessories 1x Landing Pad Scenery B 1x Defense Line Scenery A 1x Defense Line Scenery B 1x Expansion Scenery A 1x Expansion Scenery B 1x Connectors Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Metal models require superglue.

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