Deadzone 2nd Edition Veer-Myn Faction Booster

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ÂEven more terrifying than the nightcrawlers and their brethren are those that command them. The vile brood mothers, horrific Night Terrors and bizarre war-machines and their creators combine to complete the nightmare these creatures represent. DESCRIPTION This set contains enough components to build 8 bespoke premium plastic multi-part models, including: 5 Plastic Maligni Chem Spitter Weapon Option 1 Plastic Brood Mother 1 Plastic Night Terror Heavy Chem Spitter and Reaper Harness Weapon Options 1 Plastic Rumbler Weapons Platform and crew Super Heavy Chem Thrower and Super Heavy Chem Spitter Weapon Options 25mm, 40mm and 560mm Plastic and MDF Round Bases Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Premium plastic models require super glue.

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