Dementalism An Ingenious Game

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Collect denizens, outwit your fellows, and avoid getting fed to something horrible. Alright, smarty buns, here's your chance to show everyone how shiny your brain is. Due to the continuing idiocy of you and your fellow guards, a whole bunch of clones have escaped from the Primordial Soup Kitchen and are now wandering the various countrysides of Mutha Oith. You guys better get your wazoos in gear and recapture them before your bosses find out and you lose your jobs or get fed to something horrible. Itâll take all of your brains, half your luck, two thirds of your charm, a bunch of guts, and a pinch of divine inspiration to survive this fast-paced and exciting original card game by award winning illustrator and game designer Andy Hopp and Mutha Oith Creations.


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