Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) Dark Elements

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Experience the battles and quests ofÂDescent: Journeys in the Dark Second EditionÂin a new way with theÂDark ElementsÂexpansion! This expansion, available via FFGâs in-house manufacturing, offers an entirely cooperative variant to Descent without replacing the main game. Up to four players take the roles of heroes, working to escape from a nightmarish dream world. A series of Exploration cards dictate which rooms and areas the heroes encounter, ensuring that youâll never play the same game twice. In theÂDark ElementsÂexpansion, the overlord is replaced by an overlord track and a deck of monster activation cards, which control the monsters you encounter. Your heroes must battle through waves of monsters to escape your fate, but you still have a chance to gain experience and grab items along the way.ÂDark ElementsÂsimulates a mini campaign in one night, offering all the excitement and adventure ofÂDescentÂin a fully cooperative environment. Important: The Lair of the Wyrm expansion is required to play the Dark Elements cooperative adventure.

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