Digimon Card Game Classic Collection (EX01) Booster Box ON SALE

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Digimon Card Game Classic Collection (EX01) Booster Display

The Digimon Card Game Classic Collection is a booster set featuring brand new card text with classic Digital Monster artwork! Whether you're a new Digimon fan or grew up with the original Digital Monsters in the 90's, you'll love the classic and iconic illustrations!

Classic Collection cards are fully playable in the latest meta, supporting older archetypes like BT3 ImperialDramon, and generic cards for each colour!

Each display box contains an alt-art promo card box topper.

Common: x26

Uncommon: x20

Rare: x18

Super Rare: x8

Secret Rare: x1

Parallel: x30

73 cards / 103 types total


Each booster contains 12 cards

Each booster box contains 24 boosters



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