DreadBall 2nd Editon Galactic Tour Expansion

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So, you think you're ready for the big time, champ? The Galactic Tour Expansion for DreadBall gives you the chance to create your own team and compete against other coaches in a fierce fight to claim the league title. Hire cheerleaders, deal with game-changing injuries, and push your players to the limit to gain experience and learn spectacular new abilities. Can you make it to the top? This set contains: ÂÂÂ DreadBall League Handbook, including full Azure Forest rules! ÂÂÂ Team Roster Pad ÂÂÂ 2 Decal Sheets - White and Black ÂÂÂ 53 Game Cards, including new events and special actions ÂÂÂ Metal Yndij MVP - A'Teo Adysi ÂÂÂ A'Teo Adysi Stat Card ÂÂÂ Metal Azure Forest Trophy ÂÂÂ Plastic Medi-Bot ÂÂÂ 4 Plastic Cheerleaders ÂÂÂ 3 Plastic Coaching Assistants Miniatures supplied unassembled and unpainted. Requires superglue.

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