DreadBall - Ultimate ON SALE

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Youâve played DreadBall, now take your games to the max with DreadBall Ultimate and an all-new way of playing! With 2 balls flying around the arena, the madness never ends as 3-6 teams take to the pitch to play ball and defeat their opposition! The perfect beer-and-pretzels game or the ultimate end-of-season match, DreadBall Ultimate is a fun, frantic and ultimately hilarious new way of playing everyoneâs favourite sports game. This mega-value-for-money boxset contains four DreadBall Giants and all the extras you need to turn your regular DreadBall set into DreadBall Ultimate, including the DreadBall Season 3 Rulebook, DreadBall Ultimate Card Deck, Counter Sheet and the DreadBall Ultimate Arena, made of a high-wearing, non-slip rubber material.  Note: Requires DreadBall Season 1 and Season 2 Rulebooks to play.  DreadBall Ultimate contains: 1 x Ultimate Arena 1 x Season 3 Rulebook 1 x 54 card Ultimate Deck 34 x Ultimate Counters 1 x Plastic Alpha Simian Giant MVP 1 x Plastic Barricade Giant MVP 1 x Plastic Big Mech MVP 1 x Plastic Nameless Spawn 4 x Clear Plastic Tri-Hex Bases  Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Sprueless Plastic requires super glue.

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