DreadBall Xtreme Xpansion ON SALE

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Xtremeâs lack of rules and referees means an infinite amount of variety for the fans, not just in terms of the makeup of the teams, and the scattering of obstacles on the pitch, but the very shape of the playing area itself and even how many teams take part. Xtreme multi-team games make DreadBall Ultimate look like a Zee tea party. Play them out on some of the most infamous layouts ever devised, or come up with your own. Just remember, this isnât a game, itâs war on a pitch. Please note that you need a copy of DreadBall Xtreme to use the contents of this set. Â This expansion includes: 24 Page Full Colour Xpansion Rulebook, which includes rules for: Customizable Pitches Dangerous New Traps Multi-player Games Medi-bots A complete multi-part pitch, made of thick card tiles. Xpansion Counters Four Giant Players 1 Plastic Krastavor Giant miniature 1 Plastic Chovar Giant miniature 1 Plastic Sann-Gar Giant miniature 1 Plastic Iron Ancestor Giant miniatures A copy of the DreadBall Xtreme Boxed Game is required to use the contents of this expansion.Â

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