Dungeon Bowl The Game of Subterranean Blood Bowl Mayhem

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Dungeon Bowl: The Game of Subterranean Blood Bowl Mayhem

Inside this box, you'll find the following miniatures:

14 College of Fire miniatures in orange plastic, featuring

– 1x Ogre Blocker

– 1x Ogre Runt Punter

– 6x Gnoblars

– 1x Dwarf Runner

– 1x Dwarf Blitzer

– 3x Dwarf Blocker Lineman

– 1x Troll Slayer

12 College of Shadows miniatures in purple plastic, featuring

– 3x Skaven Clanrat Lineman

– 1x Skaven Blitzer

– 1x Skaven Thrower

– 1x Gutter Runner

– 3x Dark Elf Lineman

– 1x Dark Elf Blitzer

– 1x Dark Elf Runner

– 1x Witch Elf

- Dungeon Bowl furnishings comprising of 6x Chests, 6x Portals, and 1x Spiked Ball

In addition, you'll get:

- A 104-page Rulebook stuffed with characterful Dungeon Bowl artwork, and all the rules you need to play the game, and rules covering exhibition and league games

- 2x quick reference cheat sheets for easy rules checking

- 2x Dungeon Bowl Dugouts for players to rest and recuperate in

- 6x double-sided Token Boards to track various elements of the games on

- 16x gorgeous and grim Dungeon Tiles you'll use to arrange your dungeon

- 36x Dungeon Bowl Door Tokens to represent doors

- 14x dice for use in games of Dungeon Bowl

- 3x plastic templates for measuring range, direction, and ricochet

The rulebook included in this box features full team rosters – including featured races and team honours – for each of the eight Colleges of Magic:

The College of Fire

The College of Shadow

The College of Metal

The College of Light

The College of Death

The College of Life

The College of Beasts

The College of Heavens

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel paints.

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