Dungeon Saga: The Infernal Crypts

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Picking up where the adventures in the Return of Valandor left off, this quest pack contains additional components which allow you to explore the next chapter of the epic Dungeon Saga storyline. In Infernal Crypts, join the quest to retrieve the Fire Lotus - a rare flower which legend has it grows on lava flows deep in the heart of the Abyss. It is said the nectar from just one such plant can cure any malady â even reverse the effects of death itself. You will be guided by the mysterious wizard Furial, potion maker extraordinaire from the Order of the Shrouded Sceptre. As your patron, he has constructed a spell that will transport you instantly to the outer reaches of this fiery domain, where you must prepare to face horrors unimagined. This expansion box set includes: Infernal Crypts Quest Book with all new scenarios Arianya and Venetia miniatures & Hero Cards Drechânok miniature & Boss Card 18 Abyssal Miniatures New dungeon tiles, spells,
items and locations Cards to support Invisible Overlord and Uncharted Dungeon play modes Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf Kingâs Quest set required to play (Adventurerâs Companion also required for Invisible Overlord and Uncharted Dungeon play modes)


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