Dust Tactics: Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad ON SALE

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Dust Tactics: Red Guards Antitank Squad Expansion The SSU infantry responds to the threat of Axis and Allied walkers with the Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad. Anti-tank squads are an essential element of modern infantry formations, and the Red Guards Anti-Tank Squad are a core element of the famed Red Guards Infantry Regiments. These veteran soldiers have spent countless hours perfecting their use of heavy weapons and arenât afraid to get up close and personal with the worldâs biggest war machines. If they get into range, thereâs nothing they canât destroy. These five anti-tank specialists come equipped with two PTRS-47 bazookas, each capable of punching a hole through even the most heavily armored walkers. Deploy these soldiers to add some spine and versatility to any Dust Tactics SSU army! 

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