Dust Tactics: The Gunners Expansion ON SALE

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ÂNew expansion boxes forÂDust TacticsÂwill take your game to the next level! Featuring new tactical options for your Allied and Axis armies, these primed, unpainted miniatures will expand and enhance your existing forces. For the Allies, speed and versatility mean staying one step ahead of the enemy. With the Gunners expansion, you can outfit your squads with the ability to adapt to nearly any threat. The Gunners are the most versatile unit the Allied forces have at their disposal, equipped with long-range rifles, Underbarrel Grenade Launchers (UGLs), and a Bazooka. This premium box fields an additionalÂBazookaÂfigure and the Bot Hunters unit card, allowing you to convert The Gunners unit into a squad especially fitted to bring down the most well-armored of tanks and vehicles. Bring these new troops to the battlefield and decide the fate of the world! Â

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