Engel Order Book Michaelites (d20)

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Those Who Are Like God No other Angelitic Order embodies the Lord's purity and perfection more than the Leaders of the Fellowships. From their Himmel at the Eternal City, the Michaelites not only fight the abominable servants of the Lord of the Flies all over Europe, they also fight a battle in the heart of Angelitic faith -- a battle for ultimate power in Roma Aeterna. Follow Us Become a part of this story. Learn everything there is to learn about the Golden Engel -- from the structure of their Himmel to the hierarchy of power within their Order. Marvel at secret Potestates and mystic artifacts... and become Engel. Order Book: Michaelites is a d20 system supplement for Feder & Schwertâs open-game Engel, translated from the German and produced in English by Sword & Sorcery Studios (which is itself a imprint of White Wolf Publishing, Inc.). This book provides needed source material that fills in the gaps from the Engel corebook where the Michaelite Engel are concerned.


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