Fame Us

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In Fame Us, each player starts the game with six cards, with the cards bearing descriptive words or phrases like "tall", "blonde", "actor", "politician" or "mustachioed". On a turn, a player can either: Play a card to the center of the table. Ideally this player has someone famous in mind who matches all the descriptive cards now in play â but no names need be mentioned at this point. Pass and draws a card. Challenge the previous player who played a card to name someone who fits the descriptions in play. If this player names someone, everyone votes (except the challenger) whether or not this person is an acceptable answer. If the challenger lose, he draw two cards. If the bluffer loses, he draws three cards. Â To keep players honest in their voting, at the start of the game each player is secretly assigned to one of two teams: "The VIP Table" or "The King on the Dance Floor". The game ends after ten rounds or after one player has emptied his hand of cards. The team with the fewest cards in hand wins.


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