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 Explore a mysterious continent full of exotic riches. A new land is discovered, and the merchants of the realm rush to open trading with this exciting new continent. But to strike up deals with the savvy merchants of Felinia, you must manage your business back home, arrange for the proper trade goods, and beat your opponents to the richest locales. Do you have the keen business sense required to become the most powerful merchant in Felinia? Felinia is a game of bidding and trading on foreign soil. An original bidding system will force you to bluff, and when that fails, be sure to strike first and grab the best resources for yourself. Only the right combination of trade goods will allow you passage to Felinia, and you'll need to board just the right ship if you want to establish trading posts and build your financial empire. Felinia is a game for two to four players from master game designer Michael Schacht (designer of Zooloretto, Valdora, and more). It boasts numerous wooden counters, high-quality cardstock components, and visually compelling art, in addition to four fully three-dimensional ships! Strike the best bargains and outwit your opponents for the right to claim the supreme position in Felinia! FEATURES: A game from a renowned author Multiple complexity levels Lots of cool components Players:2-4 Ages from : 12 years Gametime : 60-90 minutes  1 Double-sided Game Board - 4 Player Boards - 4 3D Ships (2 parts each) - 1 Cloth Bag - 1 Rulebook Wooden Tokens:  4 Money Tokens - 12 Bid Tokens - 40 Merchants TILES: - 5 Bonus - 20 ships - 8 Special - 45 Merchandise - 30 Trade 55 CARDES: - 11 Gold - 11 Spice - 11 Food - 18 Mysterious Location - 1 First Player - 2 "Market Closed" - 1 Merchandise Setup 

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