Flames of War Destruction Charges (GSO197)

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Flames of War Destruction Charges (GSO197) includes five Destruction Charges.

When Pionierbataillon 33 of 15. Panzerdivision arrived in Libya they brought their 3rd company equipped with armoured demolition charge carriers. The company contained Panzer I and II light tanks mounting an Abwurfvorrichtung (dropping device). The company contained two Zerstörungszug, or Destruction Platoons (pronounced tserr-shter-roongs tsook).

The Abwurfvorrichtung device carried a 110 lb. (50kg) charge in an armoured box suspended on an arm behind the tank. When the tank reached the obstacle, it backed into position, opened the box and dropped the charge into place.

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Left: The destruction charge for the Panzer I and Panzer II C.

Destruction Charges in Flames Of War

Once per game each Panzer I or Panzer II C (late) tank with a Demolition Charge may place their demolition charge against an adjacent Bunker or Barbed Wire Obstacle instead of shooting.

• On a roll of 4+, a Bunker is Destroyed or a Barbed Wire Obstacle is removed as if a Fully-tracked tank had

crossed it.


• Otherwise a Bunker is Pinned Down, but an Obstacle remains intact.

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