Frontline General: Spearpoint 1943

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Spearpoint 1943 is a new fast playing card game that uses 175 tactical Unit Cards, Command Cards, and Damage Cards to simulate plausible frontline combat at a fast pace. Squad level infantry and individual tanks, artillery, and aircraft form the Tip of the Spear, or Spearpoint, of each battle. Each 20-30 minute game is one intense card-based combat engagement. ÂFast-paced two-player 30-minute World War II squad-level tactical card game Play tense tactical Situation games or Standard games! Unit statistics based on years of research yield historically-plausible results with every battle. Non-CCG deck construction element with great expansion potential. ÂSingle sheet of rules (11"x17", two-sided) 9 Situations (Scenarios) - Download now! 50 German Unit Cards 50 US Unit Cards 50 Command Cards 25 Damage Cards 4 D10 Dice Heavy Duty Box  Â

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