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ÂThe animal kingdom has been turned on its head! On a tiny, remote island, evolution has taken a strange turn. Giraffes with the heads of lions, gorillas heads on alligator bodies, and more crazy, mixed-up animals live side by side with the normal creatures you know. Itâs up to your to rescue these scientific oddities before poachers move in and threaten this wild kingdom. Think fast and move faster, because in Galapa Go!, only the fastest players can save these endangered species before itâs too late. In Galapa Go!, players compete to claim the cards showing animals that match the criteria. Can you find a creature thatâs at least part elephant before your friends? And if you do, can you make sure not to grab one with a red starfish? Quick thinking and fast hands will make the difference between saving another wild beast and going home empty-handed. With whimsical animal creations and a variety of changing criteria, Galapa Go! is the perfect game for building lightning-fast logic skills and quick hands. Kids and adults alike will love the silly and challenging experience, saving the wacky animals and having a great time doing it! Players: 2-6 Ages from : 6 years Gametime : 30 minutes Â

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