Galaxy Hunters

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In Galaxy Hunters, 2-4 players take on the role of mercenary pilots in battle mechs hired by Megacorporations to hunt and harvest rampaging mutants. Galaxy Hunters blends the excitement of crafting a unique character with the deep strategy of Euro-style, worker placement

Includes (4), large (65mm) Battle Mech miniatures!

Mix and match pilots and mechs to unlock new powers and special abilities with Galaxy Hunters’ inventive neural-link system.

New Ways to Hunt expansion allows for 5 players to compete with more rewards and higher risk

Game Content:

1 Game Board

4 Battle Mech Figures

4 Pilot Tiles & 4 Mech Tiles

45 Mission Cards & 24 Specialist Cards

30 Mutant Tiles, 45 Mech Upgrade Tiles & 13 Pilot Upgrade Tiles

100 DNA Tokens, 32 Resource Tokens & 8 Status Tokens

4 Resource Trackers

12 Agent Ships

90 Stats Cubes

7 Reputation, Turn and Invasion Markers


Ages 14+

2-4 Players

30 Min Play Time Per Player



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