Gamegenic Triple Deck Holder Holds 240 Sleeves Deck Box Black

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A protective box to store three complete decks or up to 240 double-sleeved cards. This durable box is a functional and affordable storage solution. The 3 inner deck holders are removable and can hold up to 80 double-sleeved cards each. The innovative Cobra Neck technology allows for wide opening of the lid and easy access to cards and deck holders.

Holds up to 240 double-sleeved cards*

Durable deck box with self-locking lid + write-on strip, cobra Neck technology.

Flap closure can be opened up to 180° for easy access to the deck

Includes three removable deck holders, that can hold up to 80 double-sleeved cards each

Strong welding points

Acid-free, no PVC

* Optimized for Gamegenic Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility



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