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Let slip the goblins of war! The era of the elders has ended, and the war for supremacy has begun. The goblin clans sound the war drums and prepare for battle. Recruit the volatile Fire Goblins, the devious Dark Goblins, the mystical Ancient Gobans, the powerful Alpha Goblins, or the tech-savvy Meka Goblins. Build your armies for the greatest confrontation in goblin history â the battle for Goblin Supremacy! In GOSU, each player must build an army of goblins, calling on all the clans to create a force that can claim victory on the field of battle. Build powerful combos, exploit your strongest fighters, and when a goblin shows himself too weak, mutate him into a more useful warrior. Use your resources, but use them carefully, because you will run out before you know it. Trap your opponents and use their own abilities against them, and be sure to protect yourself when they do the same to you. GOSU is the card-based game of goblin army-building for two to four goblin commanders. Fans of collectible card games will love the combinations and strategy, and everyone will enjoy the fantastic art on every card. With strategy and tactics and loads of back-stabbing, GOSU will enthrall and challenge even the most brilliant goblins. Humans will love it, too. Features: -Eye-catching artwork -Lots of combos and tactics to explore -High replay value -Excelent fit for CCG players looking for something different Contents: -100 Goblins cards -8 Activation tokens -9 victory points tokens -1 Advantage points token -1 Rulebook

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