Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday! is the perfect game for a kid's party.

Happy Birthday! gets kids laughing as soon as they open the box. It's the hilarious game where kids give each other surprising gifts. How to Play Deal 5 Gift Cards to each player. 1) When it is your turn, it is your birthday! Everybody gives you a face-down Gift card from their hand. 2) You shuffle the cards, turn them over one by one, and pick the gift you like the most, AND the gift you dislike the most. 3) The players who gave you those gifts each get a point. 4) Draw back up to 5 Gift Cards. Play moves to the left. The first player to 5 points wins. But the real goal is to have fun while learning about the gifts people love, and the gifts that they hate. You'll be amazed at what you learn about your family!


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