Hero: Immortal King: The Den of Dementia On Sale!

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Venture forth to explore one of the three dark dungeons of Hero I. K or see to their defense! Lead a team of adventurers, fight your way through the monster-infested corridors and face the master of the domain? Unless you decide to take that very role to try and eliminate the intruders! Discover The Den of Dementia. Hero I.K. is designed for two players but can also be played solitaire, and each dungeon in the series can be played independently or combined with the others. Hero: Immortal KingÂtakes the concepts of a traditional role-playing game, and turns it into a head-to-head (or solitaire) card game between the adventurers and the dungeon. One player leads the adventurers down three dangerous corridors (each represented by a deck of cards), while the other player manages the dungeon and its dangers. The adventurers win by defeating the final monster in the dungeon. The dungeon wins if the adventurers lose all their Courage - represented by tokens.


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