Killer Bunnies Perfectly Pink Booster Deck

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You'll shout Anchors Aweigh when you see our new Enlisted Rank cards. The Perfectly Pink Booster Deck adds 55 cards to your existing set, a Highest Enlisted Rank card, a Pink Pawn, and a Pink twelve-sided die! Other cards include: Paradise Syndrome to deter all Roaming Red Run cards, Blanch which turns a regular bunny into a Free Agent, and Bingo Flamingo to steal Carrots from an opponent! Use Day Old Bread to delay the feeding of your bunny or a Transcendental Run to play any card as a Very Special. Be the highest Enlisted ranked bunny in The Bunny Circle and play an extra card each turn. Push your card stack to the brink, and get in sync with the newest Booster Deck, Perfectly Pink. CONTENTS :: 55 large cards, a Pink Pawn, a Pink twelve-sided die, a Highest Enlisted Rank card and stand, & Instructions. Â Booster Pack Order: The Blue Starter Deck is first (#01), followed by the Yellow Booster Deck (comes with blue starter) (#02), the Red Booster Deck (#03), the Violet Booster Deck (#04), the Orange Booster Deck (#05), the Green Booster Deck (#06), the Twilight White Booster Deck (#07), the Stainless Steel Booster Deck (#08), the Perfectly Pink Booster Deck (#09), the Wacky Khaki Booster Deck (#10), and then the Ominous Onyx Booster Deck (#11).


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