King of War Elves one Player Battleset

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Elves are highly disciplined and utterly deadly. Garbed in exquisite, glittering armour that is at once light and flexible, yet stronger and more resistant to damage than the heaviest of human-made plate mail, they march swiftly and silently to war at their king’s behest.

This One Player Battle Set contains an Elf starter force and a copy of the Core Kings of War rules booklet. It contains all you need to start building your force.


32 Page Mini Kings of War Core Rulebook


20 Plastic Elf Spearmen

Spears and Shields

Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician

20 Plastic Elf Bowmen

Bows and Shields

Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician

10 Plastic Elf Scouts

Bows and hand weapons

Elf Bolt Thrower

Plastic warmachine with crew

Mantic Points


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