Kings of War - Basilean Ur-Elohi Jullius

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During the God War, Fotia, a Celestian was split into two as the result of a battle with the wicked Prykagia. By a great miracle, the two halves of the Celestian did not die. Instead, one half, representing the regenerating, cauterising, vengeful and warlike nature of fire, became the Ur-Elohi Jullius, the Dragon of Heaven, whilst the other half, the nurturing, renewing, cleansing nature of fire, returned as the Ur-Elohi Samacris, the Mother of Phoenixes. Weaker individually, they are actually more powerful united, and their story is told as a parable of the passion and indestructibility of love, and of strength in unity, giving rise to sayings such as âYou canât cut fire with a swordâ, meaning that two lovers are inseparable.  Number of Miniatures: 1 Product Type: Metal Miniature Unit Type: Hero  Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.Â

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