Kings of War - Dwarfs Dwarf Ironbelcher

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No Dwarf army is complete without a heap of cannons and organs guns blowing big holes in the enemy ranks and, with the advent of blackpowder, these weapons are readily available to the throngs. The cannons on an Organ Gun can be discharged one at a time, laying down constant covering fire for advancing Dwarf infantry, or in one huge volley, devastating enemy regiments. This plastic set can be assembled to build either one Ironbelcher Cannon or one Ironbelcher Organ Gun and contains 2 crew members and 1 Mantic Point. THIS SET INCLUDES: 1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Warmachine 1 Dwarf Ironbelcher Crew 1 Dwarf Poster Guide and Sticker Sheet 1 Mantic Point 2 20mm bases 


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